In the summer of 1979, Jazzercise went International offering classes around the world. Jazzercise expansion began with military families deployed out of San Diego. Today, there are over 1,600 instructors teaching in 32+ countries with large customer-bases in Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Germany, and Austria. Jazzercise transcends all language barriers as our unique program of dance fitness, music and motivation is universal.

Jazzercise International continues to experience significant growth. Our team of strong international instructors expand Jazzercise beyond borders, as well as License Agreements with well-positioned companies. We have fostered a long-term partnership in Japan and recently entered a License Agreement in Egypt, empowering women in the Middle East.

Our plans for the future offer unlimited opportunities. For more information about Jazzercise International Franchise or License Agreements, contact us at: or (760)476-1750.