Junior Jazzercise

Junior Jazzercise is a perfect program to get kids active and learn the importance of exercise and health. These classes for kids combine fun, easy-to-follow dance moves to popular music, fitness games, and light strength training. The non-competitive atmosphere is the perfect setting to introduce your child to fitness. Children are not required to have any dance experience.

Some locations offer Team Dance, a segment of dance classes for kids 12-years-old and up. These classes combines aerobic conditioning and strength training, with the fun of traditional dance class choreography. This format devotes more time to learning choreography and refining dance movements than in our Junior Jazzercise class. All levels are welcome.

Kid’s Dance Classes
Available for children ages 6-11 and 12-18-years old. Each hour long class consists of an exercise aerobics segment, a game segment focusing on exercise and nutrition, and a dance segment to basic choreography.

Find a class!
To find a Junior Jazzercise or Team Dance class in your area, e-mail juniorjazzercise@jazzercise.com

Interested in having Junior Jazzercise or Team Dance classes at your school or facility? 
Contact juniorjazzercise@jazzercise.com to get connected!

Junior Jazzercise groups often perform at parades, shows, expos, fairs, and many other events in their communities. Performances give children the chance to show off what they’ve learned and build their self confidence in a fun group environment.

If you have questions about Junior Jazzercise performances or you are interested in hosting a Junior Jazzercise performance, please e-mail juniorjazzercise@jazzercise.com

JuniorJazzTropicHeatOldergroup JuniorJazzTropicHeatYoungergroup
Our Junior Jazzercise Taping Team performed at Tropic Heat Jazzercise On Location 2012 in Orlando, Florida for 2,000 event attendees.
Their performance included Junior Jazzercisers from ages 5-12.


Want to teach Junior Jazzercise?
Teaching dance classes for kids is a fun and easy way to get involved in educating children on the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

A Junior Jazzercise certification requires training specific to this format. Jazzercise franchisees may obtain a Juniors-only certification or a multi-formats certification. Go to Instructor Franchise for more information about becoming a Junior Jazzercise Instructor. 

If you have questions about Junior Jazzercise classes or teaching Junior Jazzercise, e-mail juniorjazzercise@jazzercise.com.